Who We Are
The Paradigms, Inc.
The Paradigms, Inc., is a leading provider of technology solutions. Paradigm means pattern or example. The name underscores our vision
of 'Being the Standard' in providing customers with the right technology solutions. With employees nationwide, at The Paradigms, Inc., we
consider ourselves as an elite Technology Contractor. We believe in getting top talent and retaining them for long term. Our employee turn
over is low because of the one-to-one relationship the management maintains with all our employees. All our employees stay on the cutting
edge in their respective fields, constantly updating their skills by attending seminars, conferences and training courses.

Experienced Resource
The Paradigms, Inc. provides support to start-up firms, not-for-profit organizations all the way to Fortune 1000 companies. We bring
flexibility, comprehensive skill sets and deep experience when you need it and where you need it.  By being responsive, we help you to meet
the ever-changing business needs and challenges. We bring broad shoulders to take on responsibilities to execute and help you achieve
your vision and milestones. Our staff is made of seasoned industry veterans who have a sense of ownership to the projects they are
working on and take the time to listen and understand your needs and give you a peace of mind.

Whether it is a quick hit or a long term project, we bring the same commitment and competence to build your confidence. We turn what
would be a fixed cost into a manageable variable cost that allow you to focus on growing your business.
What are we about
A Commitment to Quality
The Paradigms, Inc. strives to exceed your expectations delivering high-quality services efficiently. We commit to seamlessly integrate with
your team and have your cause in our heart. Combine this with our approach that affords you the flexibility of scaleable service that results
in cost-effective and quality solutions.
What makes us tick
Delivering Results = Satisfied Clients
The Paradigms, Inc. strives to understand your needs, find the right fit and deliver the solution. Our partnership is mutually beneficial and
your challenges become our tasks – we execute your strategy allowing you to manage costs, focus on business and have a peace of mind.

The Paradigms. We take care!